About Sensible Solutions Sweden AB





Sensible Solutions Sweden AB, was formed in 2005. The company originated in the Fibre Science and Communication Network (FSCN) at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. The original university research team, who founded the company, is today the owner of Sensible Solutions together with Inlandsinnovation.




Office and laboratory facilities are situated in Sundsvall, still in very close collaboration with Mid Sweden University's Electronic Design Division.

The core business has evolved into the development and design of printed and wirelessly communicating of moisture sensors.

Two printed sensors are currently marketed for incontinence care and therapy (disposable):

  • SenseSoft™ Comfort, incontinence and Nocturnal Enuresis RF alarm on paper bed protection sheets.
  • SenseSoft™ Mini, incontinence and Nocturnal Enuresis RF alarm on wearable small paper protection sheets.


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