SenseSoft™ Incontinence by Sensible Solutions


SenseSoft™ Incontinence is a low-cost disposable bed underlay, with a thin, soft cloth of absorbent paper and a moisture barrier with a printed moisture sensor on top. The indicating module is easily attached (bed sheet clip-on) to the underlay/sheet. Moisture and leakage is indicated by a LED-light projection on the floor. Sound or distributed radio signal is optional.

SenseSoft™ Incontinence can be applied in treatment (Nocturnal Enureris) or in geriatric incontinence care contexts. The alarm unit (clip-on) can be reused thousands of times. The underlay is disposed after a leak has been indicated.

Benefits are; protection against skin damages caused by saturated and leaking diapers, soiling of bed and bed clothing. It does not require costly installation or fixation onto the patient's body. SenseSoft™ Incontinence indicates when conventional incontinence products fail.



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